My current work speaks to the manipulation of the human mind through persuasive, capitalistic imagery and text: Commercial Technological Persuasive Capitalism Coexistence. Pushed against the fine molecules that contain our cortex, is an incessant barrage of media catchwords and phrases. These tools of capitalistic propaganda beat like ocean waves against our psyche, finding crevices within which to invade. These forces shape almost everyone in a similar manner, like landscape being shaped by nature. We are formed through many methods: products, rules, religion, technology, and advertising. These distractions can divert us from thinking about meaningful issues within the world and our immediate lives. This is not a unique proclamation and very few people transcend this diversion, myself included. Media is the kingpin distracter.

Commercials have proven their effectiveness in altering our perception of the self and the world. The power of suggestion they provide is strong. What do we really want? There are people who use suggestion to cure themselves of cancer, to create mob psychology, empower a people for revolution, war or peace. The power of the conscious mind is great. I question the future of our conscious development. Where is this push for advancement, propelled by mass suggestion, taking us?

This media induced need / quest for more has us subjecting our bodies and minds to possibly adverse methods of augmentation. From collagen injections to plastic surgery, we are ready to embrace these alterations to both our physical and cerebral faculties. Teetering on the cusp of exponential technological expansion, integrated with the cortex, we have an obligation to ask ourselves, “Are we ready?” I believe the body will become less vital once the human consciousness is fully utilized through technological enhancements. The failings of the body and slow intake of knowledge will be enhanced. I do not believe these “advancements” will quell our distractions. Nor do I believe that our society will become exempt from distracting ourselves from answering the most sincere questions of existence regardless of what form we embody in the future. In leaving the body behind, we may however answer some of our questions concerning faith and the human soul. Many religions have made this their central goal, a communion with a spirit or oneness. Some believe they can obtain this state through natural means. I believe that technology may prematurely propel us to this state without the efforts and discipline involved in traditional methods. Technology will become a sanctioned drug, if it has not already.


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